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Society Gone Madd! is from Southern California, and started out as a five piece band and have only had a few personnel changes to bring them to their final four piece line up of, Rob on Bass & Vocals, Dennis on Guitar & vocals, Walter on Guitar & vocals, & John on Drums. We were always totally "do it yourself", we released all our records and booked our own shows.

We began in late 1986 or early 1987, with Steve on vocals, Rob on bass, Walter on guitar, and Nick (from Conflict from Arizona) on Drums. Sometime late 1987, we wanted another guitarist and we found Dennis.

In 1988, Lee of Dionysus records helped us record our first demo at Hyatt Studios where we rehearsed. It was only released on cassette only back then, now it is available on CD and mp3 download. In 1989 we recorded in our first LP What Do You Care? It was recorded by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion at his studio, Westbeach Recorders in Hollywood. After playing many shows in Southern California, Steve decided to leave the band.

After an extensive search, we've found Jack. In 1991 we played live on radio station KXLU, which was taped and made into a 7 inch on green vinyl. Sometime in 1992 Nick decided to leave, then we got John from Exoteracy. In 1994 we recorded Bright Future? which was originally only available on cassette. In 1996 we decided to release it on CD with Live on KXLU.

In 1996 Jack decided to leave, and we decided to do the vocals ourselves. And in 1997 we recorded Save Room for Dessert. Sometime in 1999 decided to go our separate ways.

The band is described best in the following reviews of their CD entitled "Save Room for Dessert".

Society Gone Madd is on VIAble UTTerance records